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Iterinary Update

Region 1 Medical Center, Dagupan, Pangasinan

Schedules of the Medical Mission Team:         
JAN 31, 2007 Wednesday= U.S. DEPARTURE     

   We are planning to stay in Manila for 1 night.
    Hotel Reservation needed in Crown Plaza (EDSA). Email me how many rooms you need, if you haven’t reserved.
        Also Need Dagupan Hotel Reservations and dates, if you have not done so.
Feb 2nd Friday at 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM
   Medical Mission Briefing at a Conference Room in Crowne Plaza for all Participants.
    ( Please have an early Dinner on Your Own before coming to the Meeting).

Feb. 3rd ( Sat) = Pangasinan Trip. Start at Crown Plaza Lobby at 7:30 AM

Feb.4th-Sunday= Pre-op Clearances ( Medical, Anesthesia & Surgical Specialty); Unpacking of Meds & Supplies.
 Site visits to assignments- Region 1 Medical Center; Astrodome, UPANG Hosp, Villaflor Hosp; and Dental Clinics

Feb 5th to   Feb 8th = Surgeries & Medical Clinics

Feb 9th Friday = Family day.
    If Surgeons elect to do more Surgeries on the 9th, they may do so.

Sponsored Night Dinners:
Feb 3rd (Sat) – Dinner Sponsored by Dr. Jesus Canto, Hospital Chief, Region 1 Medical Center
Feb 4th ( Sun) – Mayor’s Welcome Dinner.
Feb 5th ( Monday) – Dinner Sponsored by Atty Gonzalo Duque
Feb  6th ( Tuesday) CME with Dinner at 6:00 PM Sponsored by Drug Co.
Feb 7th ( Wednesday) CME with Dinner at 6:00 PM Sponsored by Drug Co
Feb 8th night ( Thursday) = PAMAG Fellowship Dinner Dance at 7:00 PM
Feb 10th Saturday= Most of us will go  Back to Manila.
    ( there will be a Medical Mission bus. Everybody will dropped off at the Crowne Plaza)
    If you want to have a side trip to Baguio, let us know.
Note:  Souveneir Program ADS are still available with Dr. Grace Duque- Dizon.
You may submit a Business Card or a Print Ready AD to Dr. Grace Bautista.
One whole page is $ 200.00 to benefit PAMAG Mission. We hope you will participate.
For Information: Email communications preferred.
Grace C. Bautista, MD, Executive Director
809 Kings Road, Hinesville, GA 31313
Tel H= (912)-876-2997; Fax 876-3558  
Update: January 21, 2007

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Dagupan City Medical Mission Contact Persons

  • ATTY. GONZALO DUQUE – Overall Medical Surgical Mission for Dagupan City
    Lyceum-Northwestern University 63-75-5229456; 63-75-5229547
  • DR. JESUS CANTO – Region 1 Medical Center Director
    Dagupan City 63-75-5234103 (office); 63-75-5758901 (fax)
    Rizal St., Dagupan City
    63-75-5158889; 63-75-5157094 to 96; Telefax 63-75-5158522
    EDSA, Quezon City Phil.
    Manila Coordinator office 63-2-8405603


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Donations Received for Medical Mission 2007

Thank you to all donors. 
(click each item to view donation details)

Anesthesia Machine by Healthsouth Gwinette Amb Surgl Center
Electrosurgical Generators by Valleylab
ET Tubes Surgical Supplies by Tyco Healthcare
OB Ultrasound by  Dr Sylvia Johnson
Prefix Plugs by Jason Ylizarde of Davol
Pulse Oximeter Sesonrs by TycoNellcor
Spinal Epidural Kits by Joleen Hilius

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Medical Mission Inventory List




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Congrats Dr. Halbert Capuy

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Halbert Capuy for being chosen as one of the “Medical Alumni Greats” of Southwestern Uniiversity’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration on December 11-14, 2007 in Cebu.

PAMAG is indeed very proud of him as our past president and Medical Mission Chairman, 2005. We salute you for this “Great Honor and Award”.

Grace C. Bautista

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Thank you

Hello everyone

I would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who sent their condolences to the family of our beloved brother in law who joined our Creator on Dec.18,2996. The family of Mr. Edgar Hammershaimb are touched by your thoughts and prayers during this difficult period.

Grace Dizon

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