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PAMAG Scholars

To All PAMAG Members and Friends;

Once again I would like to share with you some good news and update
of our scholars. As we all know that about 5 years ago PAMAG members
established  a need based scholarship program in cooperation with
Share a Child Movement in Cebu City. The selection process was done
by the social worker from the share a child movement. The candidates
are all from the ground zero( poorest of the poor neighborhood) but
has strong desire to succeed. We started with 1 scholar and
increased it to 12 by the next year.They all have different hard
life stories to tell but they have one thing in common and that’s
us the PAMAG members and friends who extend their helping hand for
their future. They all have one goal and that is to succeed with
their lives and hopefully get out of poverty. We had our first
graduate last year by the name of Mr. RONNIE ARO from Cebu Normal
University majoring in B.S. Elementary Education. He is now a
teacher and helping his family. This year I am pleased to announce
that we have 6 graduates they are:

1. Maricar Cabiso- B.S.Accountancy- Cum Laude
    Cebu Institute of Technology
 2. Lester Ybanez -Bachelor of Arts- Magna Cum Laude
    Cebu Normal  University
3. Duandy Topacio- B.S. Education
    Cebu Normal University
4. Artemio Geraldizo – B.S. Technical Education
    Cebu Sate College of Science and Technology
5. Benzim Medes- B.S. Industrial Technology
    Cebu State College of Science and Technology
6. Randy Obenieta- B.S.Industrial Technology
    Cebu State College of Science and Tchnology

These graduates are truly grateful to PAMAG’s helping hand and
unwavering support for their education.We now have 6 scholars left and
I assured them of our commitment in supporting their education until
graduation. My friends if you have the chance to come to Cebu please
spend a few minutes with them for we are their inspiration. I also
would like to thank Share A Child Movement for managing our money
extremely well and the guidance they have provided to our scholars.
You may contact me for any suggestions.

Halbert Capuy, M.D.
PAMAG Scholarship Committee
cell: 706-951-2357

Victor Bautista, M.D.
Vice Chair

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