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PAMAG PALAWAN MISSION 2011 Participants Overall Coordinator: Lemuel Villanueva, MD
Paul Beltran, MD –PAMAG Medical Mission Chairman
1.Parungao, Romulo MD – Team Leader
2.Torres, Sam MD – Urology
3. Del Carmen, Ben MD-General Surgery
4.Villanueva, Lemuel MD – OB/GYN
5.Estrella, Renato MD- OB/Gyn
6.Porquez, Joe MD – General Surgery
7.Villanueva, Rex- Surgical Assistant
8.Hines, Jeff MD- OB/GYN
9. Shirley, Steven MD- General Surgery
10 Castillo, Paul MD – General Surgery(PI)
11.Lazo, Medy MD –General Surgery (PI)

Smile Train/Plastic Surgery/ENT:
1. Mijares, Mirela, MD – Plastic Surgery(PI)
Team Leader
2.Carpenter, Rob MD- Plastic surgery
3. Uy, Lemuel, MD – Plastic Surgery (PI)
4. Villanueva, Romulo Jr., MD – ENT
5. Arenajo, Alvin, MD- Plastic Surgeon

Smile Train Group Coordinators:
Beltran, Marilyn MD
Beltran, Paul MD

1. Ong, Jesus MD (PI) – Team Leader
2. Cajita, Vic, MD (PI)

1. Magat, Willie MD- Co-Team Leader
2. Villanueva, Beth- Nurse Anesthetist
Co- Team Leader
3. Sneed, Victoria MD
4. Mancao, Florentino MD
5. Tan, Eden MD – Pediatric Anesthesia(PI)
6. Grace Dizon, MD (Pain MX/Anesthesia)
7. Krizar, Randy- PA Anesthetist
8. Simmons, Bert PA Anesthetist

Surgery- Outpatient
1. Magat, Abellardo MD- Team Leader
2. Tan, Mike MD
3. Bautista, Victor MD

1. Parungao, Josefina MD

Adult Medicine – OPD
1. Capuy,Livia MD- FP- Co-Team Leader
2. Fowlkes, Lisa MD- Co- Team Leader
3. Estrella, Aurora MD- IM
4. Porquez -Schobert, Joselyn APRN
5. Mary Ann Lim, MD = Nephrology/IM
6. May Bullecer Paradella, MD= IM
7. Mark Paradella, MD= IM
8. Torres, Mylin, M.D.
9. Leoncio, Ruth MD- FP (PI)

Cardiology: Paul Beltran, MD
1.Posas, Adelito ,MD (PI)-Team leader
2.Ulanday, S. MD (PI)-Pediatric Pulmonologist

Pediatrics – OPD
1. Magat, Zeny MD- Co-Team Leader
2.Capuy, Halbert MD -Co-Team Leader
3.Parungao, Ray MD
4.Fernando, Marylou, MD
5. Domingo, Melania, MD
6. Bautista, Grace, MD – Pharmacy Co-Team Leader

Nurses & Allied
1. Villanueva, Eddie RN-OR/ Co-Team Leader
2. Cabrera, Chato RN- OR/ Co-Team Leader
3. Alcala, Nanette RN- OR Nurse
4. Lee, Josie RN – Pre-OP
5. Villanueva, Cora RN- Post-Op
6. Lumacang, Hermie RN- Post-Op
7. Suico, Merla RN- OPD
8. Ybanez, Mercy – Med Tech- OPD
9. David, Annie RN- Post-Op/ICU
10. Cabacungan, Beth RN- Pre-OP
11. Cabacungan, Pete RN- OR Nurse
12. Gash, Yul Brian RN ( OR)
13. Janice Petsch, RN – Donor/Nebulizer Treatments
14. Lacanilao, Maria, RN (OPD)
15. Urell, Sue, RN (Pre-op)
16. Mercado, Evelyn OR/ RN Assistant
17. Shirley, Arlene OR/RN Assistant
18. Villanueva, Kathleen – Medtech

Tech Support:
1. Ybanez, Teddy- Co-Chair Statistics
2. David, Jun- Photo/ Video/Documentation
3. David Petsch- Donor /Nebulizer Treatments
4. Lee, Richard- Pharmacy Tech
5. Schobert, Spencer- Pharmacy Tech
6. Torres, Linda, RN- Pharmacy Tech
7. Tan, Cora, RN- Pharmacy Tech
8. Linda Porquez- Phamacy tech + Medtech
9. Magat, Pearlie, RN- OR/ Registration
10. Jojie Donguines- OR Regist./ Statistics
11. Perigrina Buot Keh,RN Assistant./ Smile Train
12. Divina Naval OPD/ Registration
13. Villanueva, Ludovico, MD- Consultant Statistician
14. Uy, Virginia – Registration/ Smile Train
15. Villanueva, Ryan- Registration/Statistics
16. Villanueva, Ray-Registration/Statistics
17. Kho Kenneth Bejar- OR Registration/ Statistics
18. Mancao, Gabi – OR Tech
19. Smith, Malick – Registration/Pharmacy tech
20. Chen, Andrew- Pharmacy Tech

CME – Beltran, Paul, MD- Team Leader
Posas, Adelito, MD – Co-Team Leader (PI)
Team Leaders: Edison Villanueva, RN
Beth Villanueva, RN
Coordinator: Cora Villanueva, RN

(PI- Practicing in the Philippines)

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PAMAG Medical Mission Schedule Palawan Jan 2011

January 22, 2011 (Saturday)- Arrival of PAMAG Missioners

Opening and Sorting of Supplies and Equipment
Evening: Dinner sponsored by Governor Mitra

January 23, 2011 (Sunday) –Arrival of Missioners

Sorting of Supplies & Equipments; PM- Mass
Pre-OP; Surgical & Anesthesia Clearance
Evening: Dinner Sponsored by Mayor Hagedorn

January 24, 2011 (Monday) – First Day of Medical Mission

Hospitals: 1. COOP Hospital: Cataract & Cleft Lip Surgeries
2. WESTCOM Hosp: General Surgery/Gyn/Urology
COLISEUM: Outpatient Consultation & Minor Surgery

January 25, 2011 (Tuesday): 2nd day of Medical Mission

CME Programme/Dinner: Venue: A&A Plaza Hotel
Dinner: Sponsored by Vice Governor Fem Reyes

January 26, 2011 (Wed): 3rd day of Medical Mission

Evening Dinner: Sponsored by Rotary Club

January 27, 2011 (Thurs): 4th day of Medical Mission

8:00-10:00 AM CME-Holy Trinity Univ. School of Nursing
Evening Dinner: Sponsored by PAMAG for Volunteers

January 28, 2011 (Friday)

Post-op follow ups and Discharges
Day Trip to Underground River (One of the wonders of the The world)

January 29, 2011: Individual Plans for Saturday & Sunday

Dos Palmas Contact: Jocelyn: 0-915-259-9135

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