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Date; June 11(Sunday)-15(Thursday), 2017

Chairman: Dr.Concordio Ursal, (General Surgery)
Urology: Dr. Sam Torres (PRC+)
Ophthalmology: Dr. Mark Manocha
Dr. Posadas (P.I.)
OB/GYN: Dr. Lemuel Villanueva
Dr. Malou Mina – OB/GYN
Minor Surgery Chair: Dr. Abellardo Magat
Dr. Victor Bautista (PRC+)
Dr. Mike Tan (PRC+)
Region 1 Medical Center Director of Anesthesia
Beth Villanueva CRNA
Michael Schneider, CAA ( PA Anesthetist)
Matt Bzdega, MD
Florida Anesthesiologist/ Michael Schneider friend

Pain Management/ Anesthesia: Dr. Grace Duque Dizon

OR/Scrub Nurses: Chief Nurse: Chato Cabrera, RN
Ed Villanueva, RN
Sonya Kennedy, RN
Bernadith Henares, RN

Recovery & Surgical Floor Nurses
Hermie Lumacang, RN
Isabilita Annie David, RN

Dr. Mark Paradela
Dr. Mae Bullecer Paradela (Sunday only)
Dr Guillermo Amurao (Pre-op/Postop)

Family Practice / OPD
Chairman: Dr. Livia Capuy (PRC+)
Dr. Melania Domingo (PRC+)
Dr. Harold Katner
Dr. Filipinas(Lily) Ursal (PRC+)

Pediatrics: Chairman: Dr. Halbert Capuy/OPD (PRC+)
Dr. Marylou Fernando
Dr. Monica Monocha
Dr. Romy Moriles
Dr. Josephine Lopez
Dr. Divinia Dimayuga ( P.I.)
Dr. Joane Kennedy
Internal Medicine: Chair: Dr. Mae Bullecer Paradela
Dr. Clement Nwoasu, Nephrologist

OPD: Nurses
Janett Nwoasu, RN
Linda Torres, RN- Support
Mary Ann Moriles, RN
Claire Caparanga, RN
Erwin Caparanga, RN

Repiratory: Rose leal, RN
Pharmacy: Chair: Dr. Grace Bautista (PRC+)
Dr Christine Amurao (Dispenser) (PRC+)
Dr. Luz Duque- Hammershaimb (dispenser)
Dr. Zenaida Magat- Support
Cora Tan, RN – support
Kevin Moriles, Medical Student- support
Kimberly Moriles- support
Tante Leal -Support
Ms. Kennedy (daughter of Dr. Joane Kennedy Kennedy)
Merck Staff (ellen Quemo, Deborah Gabuno,Alma Lingon, Gerardo Aguinaldo) .-……Only one hotel room needed (work in Shifts days)
Support Group:
Jun David and Noli Camba- Documentation (support)
Jiliane Amurao- Statistics
Jerome Amurao, Statistics
CME & CEU Chairman & Co-Chairs
Dr. Guillermo Amurao (PRC+)
Ed Villanueva and Beth Villanueva

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