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PAMAG Participates in Covid Vaccination Drive in Oroquieta 

Under the leadership of Dr. Marilyn and Paul Beltran, PAMAG donated to a local Medical Society in Oroquieta to help incentivize people to get the Covid Vaccine. A 5-kilo bag of rice helped bring people in to get vaccinated in our barangays where vaccination rates were low.  It only cost about $5 / bag of rice.  Our sincere gratitude to the local Medical Society who championed the drive !!!

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The Covid19 Pandemic continues at present and PAMAG continues to support our KABABAYANS. PAMAG has sent monetary contributions to support community pantries in Cebu and more recently has contributed to purchase COVID19 vaccines in the Philippines thru FACC. Please visit their website at if you want to learn more about them or donate to their COVID Vaccine Initiative.

FACC Foundation, Inc. is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization established in June, 2019 in Torrance, CA by a group of successful business leaders who were mostly past presidents of the various Filipino American Chambers of Commerce in the Southern California region. FACC Foundation, Inc. is created to serve as the primary grant sourcing entity of the Coalition of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce (COFACC), a national organization of various Filipino American Chambers of Commerce whose individual operational experience encompass as long as 40 years of dedicated community service.

COFACC believes in the principle that “In unity, there is strength”. The Coalition unites, empowers and grows the traditionally fractured Filipino American Chamber organizations into a cohesive team by providing a sustainable platform where Filipino American small businesses can access the needed capital, technology resources, domestic and international trade investment opportunities, leadership & management training, and new market opportunities which cannot be known to them if they operate by themselves.

PAMAG has also collaborated with the University of the Philippines Kalilayan Alumni Association to create hundreds of COVID19 Home Care Kits composed of a thermometer, pulse oximeter, paracetamol tablets, face masks, disinfectant spray and soap for handwashing to help those under isolation. The kits are distributed to the Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams who are also tasked with monitoring those active cases of COVID19. The kits have been deployed in Lucena City, Quezon Province under the supervision of Atty Sushine Abcede, a UP Kalilayan Alumni. The goal of the project is to assist those in need of those basic supplies and advise those people in a timely manner if they need to seek help in a hospital setting.

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