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PAMAG Donates Books to Sante Fe Elementary School

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Environmental Activism at Work: Keeping the Dagupan Baywalk and Beach Park Clean

Wildlife is severely impacted by marine trash and is due to lack of awareness of the adverse effects of marine debris have on human health. We believe that we humans have a moral responsibility to dispose of our waste properly and work to minimize or avoid any trash from reaching the beaches.

This environmental concern is being acted upon by the City Government of Dagupan and the Rotary & Rotaract Clubs of Uptown Dagupan in partnership with PAMAG and other business entities.

We gathered our resources, refurbished and installed several waste segregation bins along the Dagupan CIty Bonuan Tondaligan Baywalk and Beach Park.

It’s because of the advocacy of the government, companies, organizations and club members that are able protect the beach and the environment. We can all do our share by continuing our environmental stewardship by putting trash in these receptacles and also avoiding generating more non-biodegradable wastes.

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Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan and PAMAG: We’re So Vein Project 

The Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan launched the “We’re so Vein” project with the sponsorship of PAMAG in memory of Dr Vic Bautista (former Pamag president). This project  supported outstanding medical technology students by giving them phlebotomy kits for their medical laboratory activities, essential for their learning. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic stressing family finances, buying equipment for their children in college helped reduce the financial burden for parents.

Six deserving MedTech students with excellent academic standing at the  University of Pangasinan were chosen to receive the phlebotomy kits distributed by the members of the Rotary & Rotaract Clubs of Uptown Dagupan.

PAMAG & RCUD partnership strives to be a source of inspiration to all. We are committed to serve others by supporting the community and understanding the needs and hardships of the people of Dagupan. 

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It has been 2 years since the Covid-19 pandemic sent shockwaves in most  countries and many Filipinos continue to face deep financial hardship. Job loss has also been more acute in the low-income group. Lower-income adults who were laid off due to the economic slowdown brought about by the pandemic are less likely to be working now. 

Such is the case of Melchor and Maricel, a family of 4 living in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan. Melchor was a construction worker in Metro Manila who lost his job because of the coronavirus outbreak. With no permanent job, he decided to remain in his hometown to look after his family while Maricel, a housewife, is keen to help him support their family, especially since their younger child has a serious chronic condition called G6PD deficiency.   Maricel upon learning of the Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan service activities posted in its FB page, sought their help. 

She wished to improve their financial condition and be able to feed their young 2 children. Her wish to start a small food business that can go anywhere in the neighborhood was granted.  The couple gladly received a tribike sponsored by PAMAG and rejoiced for the cash given to them to capitalize their food business.

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PAMAG and CIM Class 75 Disaster Relief Distribution in Alcoy

PAMAG and CIM Class 1975 continued their disaster relief collaboration in Alcoy. Dr Marivic Ebo Inting, a classmate of Dr. Marilyn Beltran CIM Class 75 spearheaded this effort with Dr. Joy Montenegro. They were so grateful that they’ve been included in the communities that we have helped. Daghang Salamat sa Inyong Lahat!

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PAMAG, the King Foundation and Velez School of Nursing Continue Disaster Relief in Toledo

Continuing to serve the Mountain Areas of Toledo headed by Imma King, RN, BSN, CVGH School of Nursing Class 75 and King Foundation with PAMAG support, the group traveled far to deliver disaster relief goods to 1000 families in Bgy Kapitan Claudio, covering Purol Proper, Purok 8 and Purok Maypis.

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PAMAG and CIM Class 75 Disaster Relief in Sawang Calero

PAMAG and CIM Class 75 with Dr. Polly Libre delivered much needed disaster relief goods to over 200 families in Sawang Calero. Masking and Physical Distancing guidelines were strictly observed by the group, volunteers and recipients.

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Sante Fe, Leyte Printer Project

Mrs Marilyn Petilla, Principal of Sante Fe Elementary School in Leyte conducted the official turnover ceremony of PAMAG’s Printer donation. PAMAG continues to support the needs of the elementary school in  Sante Fe, Leyte with its recent donation of 4 printers to be used in the children’s remote learning under Covid restrictions. 

In attendance at the virtual ceremony were the teachers of Santa Fe as well as the School District Supervisor and representing PAMAG were Dr. Romy Moriles (President), Dr. Hal and Livia Capuy plus Dr. Guillermo and Cristine Amurao. Mrs. Petilla presented PAMAG with a Certificate of Appreciation.

We would like to thank Jed Capuy who helped PAMAG in the Philippines and who took the time to attend the virtual ceremony.

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