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Salvador O. Ferrer, resident of San Carlos City, Pangasinan, was chosen by PAMAG-Rotary Club Uptown Dagupan 2000 to receive a tribike as part of its livelihood project.  He earns a livelihood by scavenging through garbage and selling what can be recycled. Among the scavengers, he is the only one without a tribike and oftentimes he rents it to be able to haul bulky loads a long distance. Most of the scavengers are earning more than him because they have their own tribike and motorcycles.  Because of those limitations he has the least capacity to earn enough to be able to afford his own tribike. Thus providing him with a tribike will increase his productivity and his income substantially. 

Everyone in the community has a role to play and something to contribute. The scavengers help the community by going through garbage and getting recyclables while earning a living. This means less garbage in the landfill. This benefits the environment and the people. A win for everyone!

This PAMAG project was undertaken in honor of Dr Vic Bautista, former president of PAMAG. 

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PAMAG & Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan Dental Treatment

Oral diseases affect 3.5 billion people worldwide and the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated this problem because it disrupted regular preventative dental visits. For the past two years, access to dental clinics became difficult for young patients and thus their oral health may have been compromised especially for those underprivileged who have less to spend on their hygiene, prolonged home containment with less physical activity.

With this concern, PAMAG and the Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan have initiated this dental treatment for 22 young children in Dagupan City. Dr. Hazel P. Alipio, an RCUD member, performed 2 procedures (pits & fissure sealant and fluoride treatment) for the children.  These provide a physical barrier that inhibits microorganisms and food particles accumulation preventing caries progression and more resistance to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth.

PAMAG and the Rotary Club of Uptown  Dagupan are dedicating their efforts to improving access to quality dental care so that the children can have long-serving opportunities for a happy and healthy future. This PAMAG project is in honor of Dr Vic Bautista, past PAMAG president and a native of Dagupan.

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PAMAG- Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan Medical Mission

The community members of Barangay Salisay, Dagupan City have been requesting relief and support for their health and basic needs especially with the pandemic increasing the dire needs of the people. Finally, after Covid restrictions were lifted, PAMAG and the Rotary Club of  Uptown Dagupan 2000 were able to conduct the first medical mission in the barangay in memory of Dr. Victor Bautista, PAMAG Past President, whose brother Atty. Bautista is a resident of this barangay.  Atty. Bautista, also the past president of RC Uptown Dagupan, led the medical mission that benefited 132 individuals composed of the elderly, pregnant women, mothers, and children. Each received a box of multi-vitamins for 2-3 months supply, a pack of hygiene kit, 5-gallon purified water, a container, and a meal, all of which were sponsored by PAMAG.  Health check-up for the elderly and counseling for the mothers’ natal health was provided by the RCUD physician-volunteer.  The barangay captain also had the opportunity to discuss peace and order regulations while Atty. Bautista counseled females on women’s rights.  






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PAMAG Rehab Project at Cardinal Rosales Memorial Hospital after Typhoon Odette

PAMAG had conducted immediate disaster relief in Dalaguete, delivering much needed food, medical supplies to the community. In addition, 26 families received materials to repair their damaged homes.

Now comes the rehabilitation phase of our disaster relief for Dalaguete.After Typhoon Odette damaged the grounds of Cardinal Rosales Memorial Hospital, PAMAG earmarked some funds to help rebuild the facility.

Sister Cecile Cabahug, CRMHI administrator wrote, “We are so blessed to have you beside us during our dark moments in our ministry. We are truly grateful to all the board members and members of PAMAG most especially to you and to Dr Grace Bautista. We pray that you in turn will be so blessed by our Almighty Father, source of all goodness and charity.” She also stated that the work continues and they are working on fixing the triage area of the hospital with our remaining funds.



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