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PAMAG and RC Uptown Dagupan have  found yet another worthy beneficiary of its “Pangkabuhayan Tri-bike” A Livelihood Project for Esmeralda Lajerda, a 41-year-old vegetable vendor residing in barangay Dilan, Pozorrubio. She works really hard buying vegetables to sell and repacking coal to sell as well. But with only a little makeshift trolley to use to bring her wares to the market, she only manages to sell P100-200 ($($3-4)/day which is barely enough to buy rice and other basic necessities let alone their maintenance medications for hypertension. Her husband also works but doesn’t bring in a steady income. They needed a way to bring more goods to the market and sell more everyday. 

For some, determination is not enough to overtake hindrances in making a living.  However, determination is enough for a good soul to deserve new hope.  This gift of a new tri-bike brings to them a new hope and provides them with a better tomorrow. 

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PAMAG-MHAM Typhoon Odette Disaster Relief Project

PAMAG with the MHAM College of Medicine dean Dr Allan Librando embarked on its Typhoon Odette Disaster Relief Project. Volunteers distributed PAMAG roofing materials with 2 cartons of umbrella nails enough to cover 107 families of upper Antwanga, Quiot Pardo, Cebu. The event went smoothly with the help of Barangay officers, tanod and Medical students from MHAM CM. The Lower Antwanga roofing distribution will follow.

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