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PAMAG and Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan has chosen Salvador Tambogon, a 61 year old ambulant popsicle vendor as its latest recipient of its “Pangkabuhayan Tribike”. Day-by-day with a heavy load full of ice buko popsicles, he carried the weight of his styrofoam carrier, the source of livelihood on his back. However, walking on his regular route, he barely sells enough to get by on the short distances he can cover on foot. Today, PAMAG and Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan stepped in to make a lasting difference by choosing him as another recipient of its “Pangkabuhayan Tribike” livelihood project. He has no family and resides in Manaoag, Pangasinan. He is grateful to PAMAG and RCUD for the tribike that will make each day easier and his life better. 

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PAMAG and Couples for Christ Iloilo: Typhoon Agaton Disaster Relief Response 

Couples for Christ, Iloilo with the support of the Philippine Medical Association of Georgia (PAMAG) responded to the recent typhoon Agaton calamity affecting northern part of Iloilo province including Concepcion and neighboring towns by distributing relief goods.

CFC Iloilo is sincerely grateful for the quick and loving response of PAMAG in helping the countless victims of typhoon Agaton.  CFC members repacked the goods to be distributed to the affected areas in Iloilo Upper North (Concepcion and neighboring towns). Many more areas will be helped to include those houses that will need repairs.

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To make a difference in a sustainable way, PAMAG and Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan chose Cristelita Calansanan as a recipient of its “Pangkabuhayan Tribike” project. She is a food vendor and is amongst the poorest of the poor.  She is a mother of 8 children married to a construction worker residing in Sitio Ambalanga, Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City. 

Their family of 10 live in a shanty with only one enclosed/non-ventilated sleeping room.  For her family, survival depends on how hard they strive day-by-day. She does what she can to supplement her husband’s earnings by selling food, washing clothes and occasionally working as a domestic helper. But with so many children to support they can’t send them all to school so some of the kids have dropped out of school. They also have to skip meals even as she sells food to others. And not having the means to transport goods to sell limits her ability to sell and earn more every day. 

With this gift from Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan and PAMAG, she hopes to earn more for her family and lift them from poverty. Everyone in her family is excited at the new possibilities this tribike presents them. 

Play and watch the video below:

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