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The Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan and PAMAG undertook a special project in response to a plea from Ms. Rosita Fernandez, the coordinator of Nantangalan Special Education Center, an elementary public school for special children in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan.  She was very concerned because these pupils often come to school hungry, pale and weak.  These pupils are non-verbal and have mental, intellectual or developmental disabilities.  Thirty-eight pupils attend the class while two special cases are home-based and visited by a teacher.  

In response to the request for assistance to meet the students basic needs, PAMAG and the Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan distributed 40 packs with 2kilos of Rice, Milk packs, Noodles, Canned-goods, loaf bread and cheese spread and multivitamins.  The club members also provided some entertainment and snacks, as well as further assessment of their condition to plan the next nutrition program in the coming months. 

 We believe that people with disabilities need health care and health programs for the same reasons anyone else does-to stay well, active, and a part of the community. 

As one of their teachers said, ”They need our understanding, not our pity. They need to feel like they are part of our community.”


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“THE YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF THE MOTHERLAND”, said our Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. This means that the youth have the power to shape our nation’s future. We consider the youth as our nation’s hope for transformation, and that they are going to take the leap. That is why, on the last day of this school year, the Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan 2000 and the Philippine American Association of Georgia (PAMAG) conducted empowerment and feeding activities for the youth’s potential as servant leaders of tomorrow. The RCUD2000 members gave brief insights on Rotary and PAMAG, and introduced to them our organizations being at the forefront of creating lasting change across the globe and in our communities.May this youth service activity INSPIRE them to join such youth organizations in the future, to maximize productivity and mold them to become servant leaders of our nation.

We celebrate the PHILIPPINES INDEPENDENCE DAY (June 12) today and the heroic deeds of our past leaders in shaping our nation and look towards the future leaders of our nation as well.

The beneficiaries are 3 classrooms of 48 kinder pupils of the Canaoalan Elementary School, Binmaley, Pangasinan. The principal also received a gallon of alcohol, doxycycline for this rainy season which causes flood-borne diseases.

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