Mission Statement

  1. To provide Continuing Medical Education to Doctors and Allied Professionals, both in USA and in the Philippines.
  2. To continue Medical- Surgical Mission to the Philippines every 2 years.
  3. To provide Need based Four year College Course Scholarship for deserving Filipinos in the Philippines.
  4. To provide Fellowship to our Filipino American Community during our Annual dinner dance to benefit the Medical- Surgical Mission.
  5. To help Foster Good health to our Community by Physical Activities and Sports.
  6. To help support the“ Books to the Barrios” Project of the Auxiliary and Santa Barbara Medical Mission.
  7. To promote the Philippine American Cultural Center in Georgia (PACG)


Founder: Dr. Ludi Villanueva 1976, Atlanta, GA
1976-1978 Ludovico S. Villanueva, M.D.
1978-1980 Emiliano P. Quilala, M.D.
1980-1982 Dominiciano A. Valbuena, M.D.
1982-1984 Romulo L. Parungao, M.D.
1984-1986 Ruben D. Silan, M.D.
1986-1988 Manolo B. Apanay, M.D.
1988-1990 Samuel A. Torres, M.D.
1990-1992 Casimiro S. Garcia, M.D.
1992-1993 Edgar T. Victoria, M.D.
1993-1996 Eudora M. Abellera, M.D.
1996-1998 Victor C. Bautista, M.D.
1998-2000 Joe Ma. H. Porquez, M.D.
2000-2002 Paul M. Beltran, M.D.
2002-2004 Halbert C. Capuy, M.D.
2004-2006 Orlando G. Balcos, M.D.
2006–2008 Marilyn D. Beltran, M.D.
2008-2010 Mike Y. Tan, M.D.
2010-2012 Lemeul G. Villanueva, M.D.
2012-2014 Romulo L. Parungao, M.D.
2014-2016 Livia M. Capuy, M.D.
2016-2018 Grace C. Bautista, M.D.
2018-2020 Grace Duque-Dizon, M.D.
2020-2022 Romeo Moriles, M.D.

OFFICERS 2022-2024

President: Romeo Moriles, M.D.

Dr.-Carlos-Tan R1
Vice President/President-Elect: Carlos Tan, M.D.

Secretary/Treasurer: Cristine Villena Amurao, MD MPH

Auditor: Rudy Lazo, M.D.
PRO: Dr. Abe Magat M.D.
Parliamentarian: Lemuel Villanueva, M.D.
PAMAG/Smile Train: Paul Beltran, M.D.

Chair CME Committee: Guillermo Amurao, M.D.
Dr. Justin Ertle
CME Director: Justin Ertle, M.D.

CME Co-Chair: Mark Paradela, M.D.

Chair Scholarship Committee: Halbert Capuy, M.D.
Chair Medical Mission:  Romeo Moriles, MD
Co-Chair Medical Mission: Livia M. Capuy  M.D.


Immediate Past President: Grace Duque-Dizon,  M.D.
Ex-Officio: All Past Presidents


Click here to download the CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS 2014.


Click here to download the Constitution and By-laws 2018Oct6


Click here to download the Book: Initium – The Five Initial Years of PAMAG


Click here to download the Photo Album of PAMAG 1976-1980




Medshare international

Direct Relief Org

Philippine Nurses Association Of Ga. (PNAGA)

Map International

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