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As the new semester started, PAMAG continued to support these two outstanding University of the Philippines Diliman BS Chemistry students under the BE MY LAB PARTNER initiative. These students are doing remote learning because of the pandemic and have faced financial challenges thereby the university found a way to match the students with donors such as PAMAG to help them continue their education.
Charlene Inao and Emmanuel Larz Labsan are two of our outstanding scholars for the schoolyear 2020-2021. More power to them and Mabuhay ang mga Iskolar ng Bayan!

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PAMAG Scholar placed #5 in the 2020 Philippine Medical Licensure Exam

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving to our family and friends in PAMAG and the Georgia community! Even with the pandemic still raging, we are blessed to have our health. Our family and friends have been helping us through this difficult times.

We have been able to share what we have to communities here in Georgia and around the world through our support of Americares. We have been able to do outreach in the Philippines through our local partners there. We aim to continue forging with our mission of sharing with your help.

We would like to acknowledge the great achievement of our recent PAMAG Scholar Dr. Chino Samson from the Lyceum Northwestern University. He placed #5 in the 2020 Philippine Medical Licensure Examination. He is the only one outside of Metro Manila and Davao who is in the Top 10. He was a working student while in medical school and needed our help to finish medicine. PAMAG Scholarship at work!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Dr. Romy Moriles
PAMAG President

Dr. Grace Duque Dizon with PAMAG Scholar and Dr. Chino Samson of Lyceum Northwestern University in Dagupan. CONGRATULATIONS AND MABUHAY!

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PAMAG is participating in the Philippine American Association of Greater Atlanta Initiative “Feed the Frontliners.” So far, they have provided lunch to our medical heroes at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Emory Johns Creek Hospital and Piedmont Henry Hospital. The next event will be held on October 11, Sunday at the Wellstar Cobb Hospital.

For more information or to donate please press the DONATE button or go to the Fil-Am of Greater Atlanta website:

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PAMAG has registered to AMAZON SMILE at, where Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charities selected by customers.

Always share our UNIQUE LINK (below) in your email and social media. When customers sign up for AmazonSmile, they’re asked to select one of over a million charities to support. When customers click on our unique link, they skip this charity selection process. Instead, they’re taken to and are automatically asked if they want to support Philippine American Medical Association of Georgia.

Our unique charity link is:

Spread the word to our supporters so they can generate donations for our organization when they shop.

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When: June 10 to 15, 2017
Where: Region 1 Medical Center and Lyceum-Northwestern University


1. Dr. Christine Amurao
2. Dr. Clement Nwoasu
3. Dr. Edith Oliva
4. Dr. Grace C. Bautista
5. Dr. Grace Duque Dizon
6. Dr. Guillermo Amurao
7. Dr. Jennifer Maiiek
8. Dr. Mae Bullecer Paradela
9. Dr. Mark Paradela
10. Dr. Marylou Fernando
11. Dr. MattBzdega
12. Dr. Michael Schneider
13, Dr. Nieva T. Duque
14. Dr. Romy Moriles
15. Dr. Sam Torres
16. Dr. Victor Bautista
17. Dr. Lourdes Molina
18. Ms. Mila Hemandez
19. Bemadith Henares, RN
20. Claire Caparanga, RN
21. Ed Villanueva, RN
22. Erwin Caparanga, RN
23. Hermie Lumacang, RN
24. Isabilita Annie David, RN
25. Janett Nwoasu, RN
26. Maria Rosario Chato Cabrera, RN
27. Mary Ann Moriles, RN
28. Rose Leal, RN
29. Soya Kennedy, RN
30. Mr. Augustin Jun David
31. Mr. Gerardo Aguinaldo
32. Mr. Jerome Amurao
33. Mr. Kevin Moriles
34. Mr. Noli Camba
35. Mr, Sherwin Lopez
36. Mr, & Mrs Xante Leal
37. Ms. Alma Lingon
38. Ms. Deborah Gabuno
39. Ms. Ellen Quemo
40. Ms. Jiliane Amurao
41. Ms.JohannLopez
42. Ms. Kimberly Moriles
43. Michael Tahedo




1. Dean Judith Manuel
2. Ampe Asuncion
3. Arsenia Cruz
4. Hilda Cruz
5. Restito De Vera
6. Alberto Augusto Elguira
7. Sharon Orcajo
8. Cresencio Quinto, Jr.
9. Rodney Odesson Raguindin


1. Madleyn B. Aquino
2. Michille B. Diaz
3. David B. Contad III
4. Delmor N. Navida
5. Erika Chiziri P. Martensen
6. Elyssie M. Obar

1. Justin Ivan D. Nevado
2. Lyssa Rose B. De Guzman
3. Judy Ann B. Concepcion
4. Ermalyn Santos
5. Lalyn Zacarias
6. Kayte D. Del Prado
7. Maria Lourdes Aquino
8. Mary Joie Tomas
9. Lyra Mae Oraza
10. Rona Nicolas
11. Jefferson Bagsit
12. Crestina Decena
13. Frederick Diaz
14. Rodney Mendoza Jr.
15. Steve Ico
16. Tyson A. Orpiano
17. Jana Barte
18. Mara Joyce Etchepari
19. Shaira Manuel
20. Villamor Esquejo


1. Dean Shirley D. Quiñones
2. Dr. Lyzl Anne S. Quinio
3. Rosario E. Rosal
4. Jizzanne Aeriel Mae Calicdan
5. Michael Jordan R. Estrada
6. Raymond G. Reyes
7. Ricardo U. Lustina


1. Dean Evangeline F. Padlan, DMD
2. Dr. Eusebio R. Mamaril, Jr.
3. Dr. Dominic E. Parado
4. Dr. Cherrylyn P. Merza
5. Dr. Hazel P. Alipio
6. Dr. Maribel B. Catungal
7. Dr. Sheryl C. Roman
8. Dr. Cherrileen R. Gabiola
9. Dr. Sundae Mark De Vera
10. Dr. Madonna Uson
11. Dr. Ferdinand S. Padlan
12. Dr. Leo Bravo
13. Dr. Malou Paragna
14. Dr. Carmelita Manaois
15. Dr. Felyn Sison
16. Dr. Lee Soriano


1. Ma. Celeste Y. Castro
2. Helen Siapno
3. Bernadette Luzadas
4. Romualdo Dacocos
5. Joshua Reyes

source: LNU secretariat of Dr. Grace T. Duque-Dizon
subject to updates and revisions

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Date; June 11(Sunday)-15(Thursday), 2017

Chairman: Dr.Concordio Ursal, (General Surgery)
Urology: Dr. Sam Torres (PRC+)
Ophthalmology: Dr. Mark Manocha
Dr. Posadas (P.I.)
OB/GYN: Dr. Lemuel Villanueva
Dr. Malou Mina – OB/GYN
Minor Surgery Chair: Dr. Abellardo Magat
Dr. Victor Bautista (PRC+)
Dr. Mike Tan (PRC+)
Region 1 Medical Center Director of Anesthesia
Beth Villanueva CRNA
Michael Schneider, CAA ( PA Anesthetist)
Matt Bzdega, MD
Florida Anesthesiologist/ Michael Schneider friend

Pain Management/ Anesthesia: Dr. Grace Duque Dizon

OR/Scrub Nurses: Chief Nurse: Chato Cabrera, RN
Ed Villanueva, RN
Sonya Kennedy, RN
Bernadith Henares, RN

Recovery & Surgical Floor Nurses
Hermie Lumacang, RN
Isabilita Annie David, RN

Dr. Mark Paradela
Dr. Mae Bullecer Paradela (Sunday only)
Dr Guillermo Amurao (Pre-op/Postop)

Family Practice / OPD
Chairman: Dr. Livia Capuy (PRC+)
Dr. Melania Domingo (PRC+)
Dr. Harold Katner
Dr. Filipinas(Lily) Ursal (PRC+)

Pediatrics: Chairman: Dr. Halbert Capuy/OPD (PRC+)
Dr. Marylou Fernando
Dr. Monica Monocha
Dr. Romy Moriles
Dr. Josephine Lopez
Dr. Divinia Dimayuga ( P.I.)
Dr. Joane Kennedy
Internal Medicine: Chair: Dr. Mae Bullecer Paradela
Dr. Clement Nwoasu, Nephrologist

OPD: Nurses
Janett Nwoasu, RN
Linda Torres, RN- Support
Mary Ann Moriles, RN
Claire Caparanga, RN
Erwin Caparanga, RN

Repiratory: Rose leal, RN
Pharmacy: Chair: Dr. Grace Bautista (PRC+)
Dr Christine Amurao (Dispenser) (PRC+)
Dr. Luz Duque- Hammershaimb (dispenser)
Dr. Zenaida Magat- Support
Cora Tan, RN – support
Kevin Moriles, Medical Student- support
Kimberly Moriles- support
Tante Leal -Support
Ms. Kennedy (daughter of Dr. Joane Kennedy Kennedy)
Merck Staff (ellen Quemo, Deborah Gabuno,Alma Lingon, Gerardo Aguinaldo) .-……Only one hotel room needed (work in Shifts days)
Support Group:
Jun David and Noli Camba- Documentation (support)
Jiliane Amurao- Statistics
Jerome Amurao, Statistics
CME & CEU Chairman & Co-Chairs
Dr. Guillermo Amurao (PRC+)
Ed Villanueva and Beth Villanueva

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Save the Date: Sep. 19-20, 2015

save the date 1

save the date 2

Download the PAMAG 40th flyer 2015

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Save the Date


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As you may have seen and heard from the news, the destruction
left by SuperTyphoon Haiyan in the Philippines. We have not
encountered a typhoon stronger than this-affecting about 10 million
people, over 4,000 confirmed dead, thousands still missing and
about a million people displaced.
The Philippine American Medical Association of Georgia (PAMAG),
a 501C3 nonprofit organization, is spearheading a fundraising
campaign to benefit the typhoon victims. We have started the
PAMAG Disaster Relief Fund and plan to use this money for both
immediate and long term needs including rebuilding a school so
that devastated victims, especially the children in the community
can have hope for the future and rebuild their lives.
We pray that you open your hearts and help whatever you can.
Please make your checks payable to


Mail it to:
Dr. Livia Capuy
1111 Garredd Blvd. Suite A,
Augusta, GA 30909

Thank you for your generous tax deductible donation. The receipt
will be sent to you by mail.

Sincerely yours,
Drs. Livia and Halbert Capuy
Drs. Guillermo and Cristine Amurao
PAMAG Disaster Relief Fund Coordinators

PAMAG Haiyan Dec 2013 poster

GRU Fundraise_phillipines Res

DONORS (as of Dec. 20, 2013)
Aimee Lim
Albert Omstead
Alberto and Cynthia Nafararrete
Alex Guanlao
Alma Vidal
Altanta-Gwinnett Women’s Specialists PC
Anicia Santos
Arturo and Susie Demegillo
Astor Lim
Audrey Ahmed
Augustine & Isabella David & Joe Gemarino
Bipin and Tina Chudgar
Chrystal Goodson
Clarissa Greene
Cristine Amurao
Cristine Amurao
CSM (Ret) Timothy and Kang Suk McCarthy
Daniel and Marissa Dykstra
Danilo and Ofelia Arias
David and Janice Petsch
Deanna LeBlanc
Don and Evelyn Gay
Doreen Panowich
Doug and Helen Flanagan
Dr. Amy Sprague
Dr. Carmel Joseph and Dr. Jaya Theratil
Dr. James OQuinn
Dr. Kappes and Dr. Billingsley
Dr. Lawrence and Prof. Patricia Hartlage
Dr. Luke and Hilda Stapleton
Dr. Mark Newton
Dr. Marylou Fernando, LLC
Dr. Nadeem Afzal
Dr. Orlando Balcos
Dr. R Harold Hobbs
Dr. Ramzi and Naila Assad
Dr. Relpha Escalona Cruz
Dr. Romulo and Josefina Parungao
Dr. SM Abu Zaheed Hassan
Dr. William Brooks III
Edella Pondoc
Elizabeth Chaney
Elsie Labrador
Ernest Irvin and Connie Wallace
Eron Garvin
Flordeliza Dixon
Frederick and Jo Ann House
George and Elisa Simon
George and Rosemaire Duehring
Gerardo and Maria Luz de Leon
Gordon and Carole Meek
Graham Pereira
Guillermo Amurao MD PC
Halbert and Livia Capuy
Hasanali Fatteh
I. Gary and Debra Katcoff
James and Zosima Miller
Jan Edwards
Jawana Hill
Jed Capuy
Jed Capuy
Jennifer Omstead
Jimmy Rhodes
John and Julie Oester
Page 2 of 6
Jolly and Estrellita Bautista
Jose Bauza MD PC
Jover and Lulu Liangco
Kelley Smith O’Quinn
Larry and Imelda Omstead
Leopoldo and Leonida Baniqued
Linda and Crawford Gaines III
Lori Harrell
Lorna Pangilinan
Lucia Esperanza
Lynda Lance
Maria Lopez
Mark and Irene Hofstetter
Marsha Smith
Mary Anderson
McDade Physician Solutions, LLC
Michael Middleton
Michael Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Danilo Fernando
Nemesia and Katrina Tahop
Orlando and Loida Diwa
Oscar, Jane, and Frances Fernando
Peggy and Darise Key
Peter Guinocor
Philippine-American Association of Augusta, Georgia
Philippine-American Medical Association of Georgia
Pochee Immerman
Prakash Maniam and Treethi Sukumaran
Randy Millares
Rebecca Wright
Redempta Cabacungan
Rene and Leslie Logeais
Richard Kelly MD PC
Robert Mullins
Rose Mary and Constante Leal
Ruth Omstead
Salvador Santos
Salvador and Fe Garcia
Sarah K Murphy
Shaun Capuy
Susan Lessshafft
Terri Cook
Thomas and Emiko Miller
Valerie Capuy
Zubaida Abubucker

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Golf Tournament to benefit PAMAG Medical Mission 2013

Click on flyer to full view.

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