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PAMAG Books for the Barrios in Quezon Province

PAMAG continues its commitment to serve the Filipino community by helping educate the children. PAMAG sent hundreds of children’s books to Hinguiwin Elementary school in Padre Burgos, Quezon. 

The recipients were children from kindergarten to Grade 9 in this small rural public school in Quezon Province. More books, school supplies and other gifts are on the way to this school through the generosity of PAMAG and its supporters.

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Sante Fe, Leyte Printer Project

PAMAG continues to support the needs of the elementary school in  Sante Fe, Leyte with its recent donation of 4 printers to be used in the children’s remote learning under Covid restrictions.
The elementary school in Sante Fe, Leyte was a previous beneficiary of of PAMAG’s disaster relief after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 with a gift of a 2-schoolroom building complete with furniture for the students.

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The Covid19 Pandemic continues at present and PAMAG continues to support our KABABAYANS. PAMAG has sent monetary contributions to support community pantries in Cebu and more recently has contributed to purchase COVID19 vaccines in the Philippines thru FACC. Please visit their website at if you want to learn more about them or donate to their COVID Vaccine Initiative.

FACC Foundation, Inc. is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization established in June, 2019 in Torrance, CA by a group of successful business leaders who were mostly past presidents of the various Filipino American Chambers of Commerce in the Southern California region. FACC Foundation, Inc. is created to serve as the primary grant sourcing entity of the Coalition of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce (COFACC), a national organization of various Filipino American Chambers of Commerce whose individual operational experience encompass as long as 40 years of dedicated community service.

COFACC believes in the principle that “In unity, there is strength”. The Coalition unites, empowers and grows the traditionally fractured Filipino American Chamber organizations into a cohesive team by providing a sustainable platform where Filipino American small businesses can access the needed capital, technology resources, domestic and international trade investment opportunities, leadership & management training, and new market opportunities which cannot be known to them if they operate by themselves.

PAMAG has also collaborated with the University of the Philippines Kalilayan Alumni Association to create hundreds of COVID19 Home Care Kits composed of a thermometer, pulse oximeter, paracetamol tablets, face masks, disinfectant spray and soap for handwashing to help those under isolation. The kits are distributed to the Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams who are also tasked with monitoring those active cases of COVID19. The kits have been deployed in Lucena City, Quezon Province under the supervision of Atty Sushine Abcede, a UP Kalilayan Alumni. The goal of the project is to assist those in need of those basic supplies and advise those people in a timely manner if they need to seek help in a hospital setting.

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From Ms Denda Rea, Kal-anan Elementary School Principal in Tabogon, Cebu:

Thanks sharing your blessings with us. We are very blessed to be the recipient of PAMAG donations. We look forward for your visit in our school. please extend our thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Antonette Brunson for their generosity in sharing their blessings to our school. May our Lord continue to bless your group abundantly  and stay healthy and safe. God bless!

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Cardinal Rosales Memorial Hospital gratitude letter to PAMAG

Photo Gallery of Cardinal Rosales Memorial Hospital before the pandemic

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Reusable PPE donation for WVSU Medical Center

PAMAG’s donation of 200 reusable PPE  had made by small business owners in Metro Manila has arrived at the Western Visayas State University Medical Center. They are of good quality material that is water repellant tops (with hoods) and bottoms that will benefit front liners in the fight against Covid19. The donation was received by Dr. Franco and Dr. Salcedo. PAMAG continues its commitment to WVSU and is now in the process of sending surgical supplies from MAP International to WVSU.

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Donation of 130 school bags to Lamintao Elementary School in Surigao del Norte

PAMAG through the generosity of Dr. Grace Duque Dizon has donated 130 school bags to Lamintao Elementary School in Surigao del Norte. PAMAG continues to support scholarship and education even during the pandemic.

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PPE donation for WVSU Medical Center

The 2 balikbayan boxes containing KN95 and hand sanitizers donated by Rotary Club of Emory and PAMAG were received by Western Visayas State University Medical Center through Dr. SALCEDO. (for the other two pictures) The reusable PPE PAMAG had made by small business owners in Metro Manila will also be sent to WVSU soon.

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Donation of Medical Equipments & Supplies to Oroquieta CHO

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Donation of office supplies to help Kal-Anan Elementary School in Tabogon, Cebu

Our donation of office supplies to help Kal-Anan elementary school in Tabogon, Cebu has arrived. These will help them as they try to teach the kids in extraordinary circumstances during the pandemic. In addition to the much needed school supplies, they got clothes, shoes, books and art supplies from the Brunson family of Augusta, Georgia who have generously donated all those extra goodies.

This is a letter of thanks from Ms. Denda Rea, the principal of Kal-Anan elementary school:

A blessed day doc! We received the four balikbayan boxes yesterday and today we unboxed them. In behalf of Kal-anan ES staff,we greatly appreciate all the stuff inside the boxes. All of them are useful to us teachers,students as well as the parents who will received some of the clothings for adults. The teachers will give the clothing during their home visits to the students home. We are grateful for the support you extended to  us especially the 60 reams bondpapers and 6 toners for the printing of modules for all learners. Please extend our heartfelt thanks to Brunson family and all the members of PAMAG. May your association be blessed with more blessings and good health to all members. Stay safe always and God bless!

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