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Juanito I. King Foundation Medical-Dental Mission with PAMAG in Asturias

Congratulations to the Juanito I. King Foundation Medical-Dental Mission with PAMAG in Asturias.

PAMAG members Dr. Paul and Marilyn Beltran and Dr. Hal and Livia Capuy were an integral part of the recently concluded Medical-Dental Mission in Asturias undertaken by the Juanito I. King Foundation last Feb. 10-11, 2023.

We would like to congratulate all medical-dental missioners and all those who supported this wonderful endeavor to serve the community of Asturias, Philippines.

Note: Photos from the Asturias Medical-Dental Mission 2023 with the Juanito I. King Foundation headed by Ms Imma A. King and the Philippine-American Medical Association of Georgia (PAMAG) headed by Dr. Paul M. Beltran and Dr. Marilyn Beltran in cooperation with US and Australian volunteers, Cebu-based volunteers, the Local Government of Asturias, Asturias Rural Health Unit, Alan Adlawan Infirmary and other agencies and sponsors.

Thank you to the Manuel and Aguanta Clans of Asturias and to everybody who have helped, contributed and supported to this noble outreach program.                                           

Note: Consent has been obtained, and every effort made to remove minors in the photos

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