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Red Cross and PAMAG Disaster Relief in Coastal Cebu

Dr. Marilyn and Paul Beltran of PAMAG Smile/Train in collaboration with Red Cross thru Dr. Alan Kintanar and Arlene Kintanar Bellarmino in Cebu to provide much needed help in the hard hit areas of Coastal Cebu. Two hundred families have been provided 5 kilo packs of rice, bread and water.

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Dagupan City Mission 2017 Souvenir Magazine

Click to download copy: PAMAG Mission 2017 Souvenir Magazine


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Dagupan City 2017 Medical-Surgical Mission L-NU Participants

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Kudos!! to all PAMAG Missioners

Hello PAMAG Members, Missioners and Friends,

Kudos!! to all PAMAG Missioners. We had another wonderful and a very fulfilling experience in beautiful Puerto Princesa. By all accounts the mission was a great success. We surely have touched and changed a lot of lives in Palawan. Livia and I can only speak for the medical side of the mission at the coliseum. We have seen over 3000 people (adults and children) during our 4 day out patient clinic. In spite of the long wait people were all very polite and nice to all the missioners. They all were very grateful and appreciative of our presence and help. We haven’t noticed any complaints or dissatisfaction to any of the PAMAG Missioners. We appreciate the volunteers from City Health nurses and students who managed the crowd effectively and most especially to the Rotarians who were instrumental in making the mission possible. The Pharmacy headed by no other than our very own Dr. Grace Bautista with her team Cora T, Linda T,, Linda P, Spencer, Mercy, Malou, Richard, Noli , John and Teddy, were amazing in handling those medications. The OPD Medical team truly enjoyed their work like Drs. Lisa Fowlkes, Mary Ann Lim, Mylin Torres, Mark Paradela and May Bullicer , Melania Domingo , Aurora Estrella, Zeny Magat, Ray Parungao, Marylou Fernando and of course Livia and Halbrert Capuy. David and Janice Petsch also enjoyed giving nebulizer treatments and giving away jet nebulizer machines to the chronically sick and truly needy patients. Let’s not forget Jocelyn Porquez Schobert who really made it easy for us to come to a diagnosis. She has done a great job writing their case histories (thousands of them). Yes, it is very easy for us to claim we did a great job and rightfully so but the real glory and honor should go to Dr. Lem Villanueva together with his
lovely wife Cora. They have donated a lot of their time effort and money to make this mission a success. They have mobilized their family and Brookes point as well. High five to Lem and Cora.

Looking forward to the next mission
Halbert and Livia

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